Frequently Asked Questions.
Who can nominate?

Eligible candidates are invited to submit a nomination directly or to be nominated by their company, colleagues, friends or family.

Who should I nominate?

You should nominate someone who is an established business leader, who had accomplished specific achievements in the business world in the last 12 to 18 months. We are looking for quantifiable results and compelling stories to tell our readers. Note that, multiple nominations for the same person do not necessarily increase the nominee’s chance of being selected.

Why should I nominate someone?

This is a chance to honour a colleague, mentor, client, etc. It is also an opportunity to share an inspiring story of success with others.

What makes a well-done nomination?

Nominations that tells a person a story of a nominee’s path to success, obstacle overcome and unique talents amongst others. Use concrete examples, including specific dates, cedis amounts and growth rates that substantiate the nominee’s success. It is important to show the judges rather than tell them. For example, John Possible opened six new stores and provided more than Ghc 50,000 in scholarship funds last year to local high school students, rather than John Possible grew the business into the best in the area and has helped many students to go to school.

How are winners chosen?

Winners are selected by the Awarding Board based solely on nomination forms provided. Entries are compiled by Ernest and Young.

What is the deadline?

The deadline is Monday 31st July 2017.

Are there any costs associated with nominating and/ or the selection process?

Nomination process is free.

I have been shortlisted for an award; do I need to book a ticket? How?

All attendees must book and pay for their tickets in order to attend the Ghana 40 under Forty Awards. Table bookings can be made by contacting the Team or click here to book your seat.

How can I improve my chances of winning an award?

We can’t stress enough how important it is that the winners will be judged on the quality of their entries, and cannot rely on reputation alone. Be clear and accurate with your entry, but don’t feel the need to write thousands of words. If there is a word limit on the category guideline follow it. If not, say concisely but thoughtfully why you or the individual you are nominating is better than the rest, highlighting key achievements. Read the nomination criteria specific to your entry, and remember – Keep your focus on your/their achievements.

Can we send photographs or supporting documents to highlight our achievements?

It is not compulsory but some companies do like to provide testimonials from clients and photographs of work completed or initiatives undertaken. You may add any supporting materials you wish to send to the e-mail with your entry form. Please ensure individual emails do not exceed 2MB maximum.

Do we have to attend?

Nominees or representatives of nominated individuals must be available on the night of the awards. By nominating yourselves you are committing to attending should you make it to the Ghana Manufacturing Awards finals.

What timeframe do the Ghana 40 under Forty Awards cover?

Depending on the category, activities commenced, conducted or completed (Read each category guideline carefully) between June 2016 to July 2017 are eligible.

When and where will the winners be announced?

Winners will be announced on 29th September, 2017, Award Gala at Kempinski Gold Coast Hotel.

What is the benefit?

The Ghana Forty under 40 Awards will promote and celebrate Ghana’s young achievers under the age of Forty, business success and entrepreneurship. Global recognition of the 40 shortlisted individuals as outstanding young achievers and leaders. Option to have your company or name published in the Newspaper after the event.