Nominee Guidelines

Celebrating young Achievers.
Nomination Tips
  • Give a brief description of the nominee professional achievements.
    Suggestions: Include the nominee’s recent significant business accomplishments or past distinctions and awards.
  • Tell us about the nominee’s level of expertise.
    Suggestions: Include the nominee’s education qualifications, the name of the institution they graduated from, their professional membership or designations and years of work in their field.
  • Tell us about the nominee’s leadership abilities and experience.
    Suggestions: Demonstration of nominee’s leadership and innovation, demonstration of company growth due to nominee leadership.
  • Tell us about the nominee’s community involvement.
    Suggestions: Include positions on board (charitable organizations or professional organization), explain the nature of their involvement and how it has advanced the goals of the organization, and include any distinctions and awards for community service.
  • In summary, tell us what makes this nominee unique and outstanding and is a worthy recipient of Forty under 40award.
  • Give some information about the nominee’s company that reflects its size, example: number of employees, annual revenues, etc.
  • Explain to us why the Forty under 40 candidate you are nominating stands out. What makes your candidate special? What has he or she accomplished — and why is that accomplishment significant?